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34orna 2022: Moroxite F CTO Deepak Raina named ‘34under34’ a future star in Skåne’s business community

On November 21st, PwC and Rapidus will present new and future stars in Skåne’s business community receiving the honourable award called 34:orna.

Moroxite F´s Chief Technical Officer, Deepak Raina, age 33, has been nominated and recognized as a PhD engineer and Scanian innovator with Indian background who together with a distinguished team of professors and business profiles in the region has founded Moroxite F. A company based on years of research aimed at developing the next generation therapeutics in osteoporosis.

The whole team at Moroxite F want to congratulate Deepak on this well-deserved recognition and testament to his work.

Moroxite F announces the appointment of Johan Tinnerholm as CEO

October 2022: We are pleased to announce the appointment of Johan Tinnerholm as the CEO of Moroxite F AB. Johan has a broad experience from leading roles at stock listed companies like Agilit Holding AB, Curando Nordic and Safeture. Building on what we have already accomplished, under Johan’s leadership we look forward to hone our strategic direction, grow and develop our organization, strengthen our investor relations, and build new partnerships.

Johan Tinnerholm, CEO Moroxite F

’Moroxite F is a very exciting company built on groundbreaking research. It is bound to make a big difference for those suffering from osteoporosis and related fractures. I look forward to working with the dedicated team to realize Moroxite F’s full potential.’

Invited talk by TERM group at LU at the Nordic Orthopedic Foundation's annual meeting

Researchers from TERM group at LU gave an invited talk on ‘A New Augmentation Method for Improved Screw Fixation in Fragile Bone With focus on trochanteric fractures’ at the Nordic Orthopedic Foundation’s annual meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania.

EORS and International combined orthopedic research society joint meeting

TERM group at LU presented their work a the recently held EORS and International Combined Orthopedic Research Society joint meeting.

Presentation Title: A New Method For Improved Mechanical And Biological Fixation Of Fracture Fixation Devices
Poster: Improved mechanical anchorage of gamma nail lag-screw in osteoporotic bone: A biomechanical study

First proof-of-concept study published in Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology

The term group at LU has published the first proof-of-concept study describing Moroxite F AB groundbreaking implant fixation technology in the journal Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology. 

This peer-reviewed study demonstrates an enhanced immediate mechanical anchorage of a hip fracture fixation device to low quality osteoporotic bone both in laboratory studies as well as in a small set of patients.

Moroxite F’s tech package comprises of a method and a device for delivering hydroxyapatite particles at the interface of bone and a fracture fixation device without the use of additional pressure or complex surgical procedures, minimizing the risk of vascular leakage or complications for the patient.

Once the fixation device is placed at its final position, the HA particles reinforce the bone-implant interface and ensure an improved grip. For the sake of easing the imagination, the developed method can be considered analogous to placing a nail in a bad quality concrete wall (osteoporotic bone) vs. placing the screw in the same wall reinforced with additional cement. 

The paper further validates the developed methodology in 5 patients undergoing treatment for a hip fracture and the results demonstrate excellent spreading of the HA material at the screw threads without obvious complications.

The final part of Moroxite F’s technology comprises of biologically activating the HA particles. This is performed by sending an anti-osteoporosis drug to the HA particles post-surgery via the blood stream. Our research group, TERM at Lund University’s pre- clinical research has shown that the administered clinical research has shown that the administered osteoporosis drug seeks the HA particles and imparts a pro-bone formation effect leading to new bone formation around the implant. This concept is now being verified in a clinical study, interim results of which will be presented at the Nordic Orthopedic Federations annual meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania in April 2022. The clinical study is expected to finish in June 2023.


A New Augmentation Method for Improved Screw Fixation in Fragile Bone.

Fåhraeus Startup & Growth invests in Moroxite F

ALMI Invest invests SEK 4 million in Moroxite F