Our Product - FARE

A regenerative medicine approach to improve implant anchorage in fragile bone and reduce re-operations. 

FARE- Fracture Anchorage and REgeneration

Surgical Method, Biomaterial, Surgical Device and Drug Delivery Method For Osteoporotic Fractures

We provide a novel fixation method to reduce the risk of re-operation. Injecting a ceramic nano material at the interface between metallic screw and the adjacent fragile osteoporotic bone, results in an immediate improved screw bone anchorage. By targeting and activating the particulate hydroxyapatite material with an approved systemic bone active drug, a bisphosponate, new bone is formed, reducing the risk of late fixation failure and reoperation.

At A Glance

Our current areas of research in the field of bone regeneration include:

  1. Development of novel bone mimicking biomaterials
  2. Spatio-temporal local delivery of bone active molecules
  3. Experimental bone healing models

Moroxite F focuses on strengthening osteoporotic bone and preventing fractures as well as using regenerative medicine techniques to enhance implant anchorage in osteoporotic bone.

We use biomaterial (ceramics, polymer-ceramic composites) for local controlled delivery of bioactive cues (growth factors/ drugs) that aid in regenerating the missing bone tissue.

Recent focus has been to use ceramic biomaterials embedding micro and nano hydroxyapatite (HA) to recruit systemically administered drugs. Due to a unique structure of the HA crystal, specific pharmaceutical agents administered systemically seek and bind to HA particles and exert a unique biological effect favourable for treating the bone disease. 

Key Research Developments